Do Mavericks follow a monthly theme like in WP Elevation?

Yes we do follow a monthly theme, but Mavericks get to choose which project they want to focus on each month. Projects are chosen from the Mavericks Model.

Do I need to do any preparation for the calls?

The only thing to prep for a call is:
    • What are your recent Wins?
    • What Lessons have you learnt recently that you can share?
    • Which Project are you currently working on?
    • What do you Need from the group right now?

When do I get the Roadmap Call?

The Roadmap call happens after you have completed the initial assignments. You’ll be notified in Slack with details of the call, including the link to book it shortly after the final assignment.

When are the bi-monthly check-ins?

There is a schedule with reminders in Slack and the Mavericks member site has the coaching call and event calendar.


How do I ask for help coaches with things I’m stuck on?

Ask for help in Slack and tag in one of the coaches. You also have Voxer access to Troy and Simon to send through a short audio message.

How to I access the Mavericks Model pdf?

Download the Mavericks Model from within the Mavericks Member website.

What do we use Voxer for?

Members can Voxer Troy and Simon anytime to get things off their chest or ask questions if it is more helpful than typing.

When are the scheduled calls?

You can see the scheduled calls in the Events section of the member website and they are announced with reminders in Slack. 

Find Freedom.

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